Private Lessons are a way to deepen your practice and help fulfil your potential, not just in the yoga room but in all aspects of your life. Working one-on-one with a teacher is like having a personal trainer – they can identify areas for improvement, craft bespoke flows to address injuries or weaknesses, and work with you to help build an individual practice relevant for your lifestyle. Crawf creates a safe environment and offers continuing support. 

The Basics class

In these sessions you will learn how to develop a skilful yoga practice where we work to help you understand the physical benefits of each pose, and how to link these into flows you can practice anywhere. These classes are great for anyone looking to gain more confidence in class and maximise the benefits you get from every minute of practice.

These classes are great for anyone with an injury or recovering from injury, to learn how to strengthen the body safely and successfully.

Email Crawf or phone 0404 693 993 to discuss.

The Bespoke class

In these classes we will develop a simple daily practice of yoga and meditation tailored to your needs, and select ‘Five Golden Postures’ that combine to give your body what it needs to stay strong and mobile. You will also learn how to establish a meditation practice that is useful for helping develop wisdom and compassion towards yourself and others.

These classes are useful for those looking to take their practice out of the yoga studio and establish self-confidence in their own home practice.

Email Crawf or phone 0404 693 993 to discuss.

The Insight program

As part of his teacher training with the renowned Sarah Powers, Crawf was introduced to the benefits of psychology as a component of his yoga practice. He has subsequently become a certified practitioner of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy that is powerfully healing and deeply respectful of our inner life.

Where meditation helps us develop inner peace, IFS helps us turn that energy into action. It works on the premise that the mind is comprised of various subpersonalities or “parts”. To talk about parts of the mind has become a common and often unnoticed figure of speech. ‘Part of me wants to do this, but part of me doesn’t’, or ‘a part of me thinks’ one thing or the other. Often there is an inner conflict between these parts that we may or may not be conscious of, shaping the way we go about our everyday lives.

But at the core of who we are there is a Self. The goal of IFS therapy is to become more Self-Led by understanding and appreciating these different ‘parts’ and letting go of the burdens that we have held onto for years. IFS teaches that the self is comprised of: calmness, curiosity, clarity, compassion, confidence, creativity, courage, and connectedness. On that basis it works to help you feel at ease with who you are, more confident and more relaxed with others.

Email Crawf or phone 0404 693 993 to discuss your ideal Private or Small Group Yoga Classes in Sydney.

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