After many years working in the corporate world Crawf understands how stressful life at the office can be. Bringing yoga to the workplace is a great way for employees to unwind accumulated tension in the body and mind during a busy day at the desk. He teaches regular corporate classes at the Sydney Opera House and has hosted corporate yoga events at a variety of client venues across Sydney.

For companies

Crawf is available to run regular classes at your workplace, one-off team building sessions, or off-site retreats, and has a knack for temporarily transforming any space into a safe and welcoming yoga ‘studio’. Crawf has all the necessary insurances and is a trusted partner for corporates looking to expand their wellness offerings for staff.

Please email or call 0404 693 993 to discuss.

For employees

Working long hours is one of the most challenging aspects for students wishing to establish a regular yoga practice at a physical studio. Crawf can help solve that challenge by coming to you, making it easier for you and your colleagues to make before, or after-work private classes. Crawf is happy to talk with your office managers to identify a suitable space to hold the class, and can work to flexible practice times that fit in with your changing schedules.

Please email or call 0404 693 993 to discuss.

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