About Crawf Weir - Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Crawf doesn’t take himself too seriously and is often found teaching classes dressed in denim shorts and slouchy t-shirts. He started practicing yoga over 15 years ago as a last resort to help ease his chronic back pain, after years of long distance running. After two years of daily practice, he was 12 kilos lighter, pain free, much happier and a true believer in the power of yoga. So after many years in the corporate world, Crawf made the jump and became a full-time yoga teacher. After a few years of teaching and building his experience, he founded Barefoot Yoga studio in Paddington which he ran for seven years.

Crawf’s classes are a unique blend of strength and softness, both challenging and fun. He practises Vipassana meditation daily and helps students bring the mindfulness of meditation into their daily lives.

The Buddha once said that his most important teaching was to ‘know thyself’, to accept and understand yourself on all levels. Crawf makes this teaching his guiding light and  encourages people to use yoga and meditation to reignite their sense of curiosity and adventure, to reconnect and better understand themselves.

Crawf’s teaching style has evolved over the years as he moved from strict alignment to a much more fluid and functional style of yoga, where the emphasis is on the physical and energetic benefits of a particular posture, irrespective of whether it’s perfectly aligned, or aesthetically pleasing.

Crawf has clocked up over 1400 hours of teacher training since 2008, with world class teachers like Bryan Kest, Les Leventhal, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley and many others.

He was introduced to the functional yoga style from US anatomy master Paul Grilley, who teaches that because no two skeletons and musculatures are the same, to force all bodies into the same strictly aligned posture risks not just injury, but personal frustration and feelings of failure when some postures are simply anatomically impossible for the student. Immediately after this training This understanding transformed the way Crawf teaches a class. He endeavours to accomodate all levels of student in his classes-  young and old, weak and strong, bendy and broken. In a class with Crawf everybody achieves the maximum physical benefit. 

Crawf is one of a small handful of people undertaking Sarah Powers’ 500-hour training. As part of his study with Sarah, he was introduced to the benefits of psychology and has since qualified as a certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner. This insight enables Crawf to explain how the mind works in a way that is easy to understand and incorporate this into a deep meditation practice. 

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